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We provide effective natural therapies aimed at restoring and maintaining good health and wellbeing. Centred around Japanese Medicine, and following the principles of natural movement, we look at patients in a holistic way to restore and maintain postural integrity and constitutional balance using a range of Eastern and Western methods and techniques. 


Eastern modalities include Japanese Massage (Anma), gentle manipulation of musculoskeletal, ligamentous and visceral structures (Sekkotsu), needling or acupressure of specific acupoints on the meridian energy system (Hari or Shi-atsu), cranio-sacral rebalancing (Kenku), body movements (Taiso), breathing and energy channelling techniques (Kikou). 

These methods are combined with techniques from Western Massage modalities (Sports, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy) and Reflexology. The aim is to target the root cause of ill health or imbalance and provide natural solutions for many types of complaints. 


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Natural Healing


Therapeutic treatments from East and West.

Using a holistic approach, treatments are designed to suit the particular needs of the individual, and may be focused on a specific area or used to treat the whole body, using various treatment modalities, including gentle manipulations, acupressure or acupuncture, deep tissue neuromuscular techniques, and trigger point therapy to complement massage treatments.

Emilio Hornsby-Martinez
Therapeutic and Sports Massage
Amatsu Japanese Integrated Medicine

BSJM Amatsu Japanese Integrated Medicine Dip.

ITEC Sports Massage Therapy Dip.

ITEC Swedish Massage Dip.

ITEC Reflexology Dip.

MSCM Deep Tissue Technique Cert.

MSCM Seated Acupressure Cert.

NCFE Nutrition for Health Cert.

Emilio Hornsby-Martinez is a qualified and experienced therapist and member of the Complementary Therapists Association. Treatments incorporate Amatsu Japanese Medicine, Swedish, Deep Tissue and Sports Massage, Reflexology and Nutritional advice.

Benefits of treatment


The benefits of treatment are manyfold. 

Treatments provides an improvement at physical, physiological, psychological and energetic levels. Some of the more typical benefits include 


Sporting performance


Joint range of motion
Recovery from injuries

Circulation and Lymphatic flow
Realignment of injured tissue



Quality sleep


Reduction or elimination of
Muscle tension
Injury healing time

Common Conditions
Back pain
Neck pain

Joint pain
Muscular pain

Postural problems

Sporting injuries
Strain injuries
Digestive complaints

Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Sleep disorders

Chronic fatigue

And more